September Newsletter 2015


I trust the summer has brought you the enjoyment of radiant sunshine and happy activities outdoors. Foster and I took advantage of my own ‘patio patisserie’ with friends and family, big garden salads, day-trips to enjoy farmers markets and much more. Below you can see photos of my flower garden before – and after – the hail of August 4th and 5th.

The highlight of my summer was an 8-day June retreat in San Francisco with the spiritual teacher, Rupert Spira, see photo below. In guided meditations and Q & A sessions, we explored the nature of our own experience. And, yes, knowingly experiencing the awareness of thinking, feeling and perceiving simplifies, clarifies and illuminates! See video below.

I continue to enjoy integrating and sharing Nonviolent Communication, NVC. As see it, the approach of Dr. Marshall Rosenberg’s NVC dovetails with the spiritual practice of self-inquiry, “Who am I?” In practicing NVC we investigate our beliefs – and the actual experience of our observations, feelings and needs (our inner guidance). This awareness liberates us from living as captives of the old storyline of how life ‘should’ be. We discover how it is that conditioned thinking brings suffering. And we open to living in the present moment of experiencing. This spells freedom! Fulfilment and contentment take the place of confusion, stress and suffering. Our actions fall in alignment with “our true nature of giving and receiving compassionately,” quoting Marshall Rosenberg.


I’m excited to let you know about the fall line-up of Conscious Communication events. Get a taste of life-changing communication practices, be supported in meeting everyday challenges, have the joy of contributing to a culture of empathy and connection. Together we can open the door to healing and harmony, freedom and fulfillment for ourselves and others, sanity on planet Earth!

Please consider these opportunities for you to fast-forward your personal growth. Be nourished in communication workshops and coaching for transformation. You can find more details, and flyers, regarding these events on my website,

  1. Communication for Trying Times – Tools for Transformation, a three-part series of workshops at Yoga & Meditation Centre in Marda Loop.
    Saturday afternoons, October 3rd, & 10th, and November 14th
    Learn how to resolve conflict, build understanding, trust and respect, transform yourself, your relationships and your life. The three sessions focus on:
    1) The Art of Authentic Self-expression
    2) The Art of Empathic Listening
    3) The Art of Parenting – Communication that connects!workshops/cwwm or 403-251-9642.
  2. Conscious Communication, a day-long workshop to explore practical ways to fine-tune your relational skills, how to bring mindfulness into all your interactions.
    Saturday, October 24th U of C, Continuing Education or 403-220-2952.
  3. Art of Empathy, a day-long workshop to empower your capacity for empathy. Be supported in making way for healing and harmony with communication that connects heart to heart. Are you discovering that criticism doesn’t work? Empathy does! Maximum 12 participants.
    Saturday, November 28th or 403-242-9747
  4. Coaching for Transformation I have space for some additional clients this fall. Enjoy a sample free coaching session, find out how to dissolve mental loops that bring strife, struggle and suffering. You can create a life of meaning and purpose. or 403-242-9747

Over a year ago I discovered the work of Rupert Spira, contemporary spiritual teacher, author of The Transparency of Things: Contemplating the Nature of Experience. I love the wisdom and clarity in this 4-minute YouTube video, Right Conduct in Daily Life

At workshops I sometimes share this short video of Marshall Rosenberg (1934-2015) founder of Nonviolent Communication, NVC: An Introduction to Nonviolent Communication

Here are some books by Marshall Rosenberg, books that I regard as very useful for fine-tuning our relational and communication skills: