January 2014 – Newsletter excerpts

Hello Reader,

I’m happy to invite you to NVC events here in Calgary this spring. More and more I regard NVC, Nonviolent Communication (also called Compassionate Communication) as a most effective way to integrate relational skills for meaningful daily living. Dr. Marshall Rosenberg’s internationally acclaimed approach opens the door to healing and harmony, freedom and fulfillment. I’m discovering how, in deed, acting on the awareness of needs is fundamental to our well-being.

“This exploration of NVC has spoken deeply to my desire to transform my own consciousness and to enlarge and deepen my connection with others. I feel supported, heard, and warmly connected… and open-hearted. I appreciate your skill and the safe container you offer.” – Heather Compton, workshop participant 


Additional notes:

1. 17th Annual Season for Nonviolence (SNV) commenced on January 30th, 2014 in cities across the globe. It is an educational, media and grassroots awareness campaign spanning the January 30th and April 4th memorial anniversaries of Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. For Calgary events, https://www.facebook.com/CalgaryNewThoughtAlliance

2. Please check out “Conscious Community Event Series,” February through June, hosted by Eily Aurora,
. I’ll see you there!

3. Last month a friend gave me a wonderful book, Tools for Sanity, by Kiran, an awakened teacher who recommends the communication tools of NVC. Here’s the link to a brief video clip:

4. Another beautiful spiritual teacher is a woman in Vancouver, author of In Search of the Miraculous. Here’s a taste for you:
Eliza Mada Dalian explains how our repressed thoughts & emotions create pain.  Your responses?

I look forward to seeing you at some of the events mentioned here. Together, with conscious intention, we are co-creating a world we want to live in!

Love and gratitude,
Barbara   xo