Coaching for Transformation

Aligning with Inner Radiance

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My offering of life coaching is in service of transforming ourselves, our relationships and the world we live in. Expanding self-awareness fosters transformation, bringing alignment of body and mind, heart and soul. With increasing awareness, understanding, and skill, our way of seeing changes, clarity arises and fresh options appear. Freedom and fulfillment, contentment and creativity follow.

A key resource that I bring into the journey of realizing our innate wholeness is Dr. Marshall B. Rosenberg’s internationally acclaimed approach of NVC, Nonviolent (or Compassionate) Communication. This model of inquiry and self-understanding empowers us in becoming conscious of what we are actually feeling and truly needing, opening the door to genuine connection with ourselves and with each other. Blending the practical with the spiritual, the principles and practices of NVC are an invaluable resource in co-creating nourishing relationships in our everyday life.

I am so grateful for the vitality and love of the relationship with my life-partner, Foster Walker. I give thanks for the entire network of support in my life, including the privilege of having teachers like Krishnamurti, Eckhart Tolle, Byron Katie, Marshall Rosenberg and Sarah Peyton (Your Resonant Self).

My intention in coaching is to support you in finding your own way forward – as moved by your desires, goals and aspirations. Your focus may be personal wellness, life-style changes, relationship building (at work or at home), coaching for couples, parenting issues, or self-understanding itself. Together engaging in a process of sincere self-inquiry and growth is a great joy.

People who thrive in life coaching with me are generally people who are:

  • Hungry for depth and meaning in everyday living
  • Ready to be truly honest with themselves
  • Motivated to transform themselves, their relationships, their world
  • Inspired to face the root cause of struggle and stress
  • Committed to live with integrity, to contribute to harmony for all

 My preferred format of coaching is to set up one or two sessions per month – in person, Skype or phone. As it takes time to implement changes in one’s life, I suggest clients sign up for a minimum of a three-month course of coaching. Satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Should you be interested in knowing more about coaching for transformation, please contact me to set up a complimentary sample session.

About Barbara: I am a Certified Professional Coach. Inspired by my spiritual teachers and my NVC training with the founder Dr. Marshall Rosenberg, I’ve brought life coaching and communication workshops to Alberta and BC since 2006. Author of the booklet, Conscious Communication, I’ve been on faculty with Alberta Yoga College for four years offering seminars on communication.

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Barbara enjoying her summer flowers… Let’s grow and blossom together!

Feedback from Barbara’s clients:

“Thank you for all the wonderful work and guidance that you have given us. You have taught us to look at each other and ourselves from a very conscious and present point of view, and have nurtured the growth and the strengthening of our relationship in ways I never could have imagined.” ~ Clayton C

“I truly feel energized and empowered in my relationships since coaching with you, Barbara. I’m thankful that you are supporting me in my journey of healing for myself and my family.”
~ Christina M.

“Barbara’s meticulous coaching has helped me find my path forward in life. Her deep love of life shines through in her honesty and courage.” ~ Craig B

“Barbara put me on the fast track to personal growth, urging me to seek my own personal truths and implementing those into my every day life. I recommend coaching with her if you seek to awaken your spirit and live life to your fullest potential.” ~ Toni M

“It is a joy working with you on our journey to communicate with compassion. Your sessions are always heart-felt; we so benefit from your guidance and insight.” ~ Kathleen O’Neill