• Is your life on track? …in balance?
  • Does anyone really listen to you?
  • Do your inner voices run the show?
  • Would you like ease and flow in your world of relating and connecting?
  • Looking for support in moving forward?

Welcome to Conscious Communication – Tools for Transformation. Meet Barbara Wiebe BEd, CPC, Certified Life Coach, NVC Facilitator (Nonviolent Communication, NVC), offering communication workshops, practice groups and coaching in Calgary, Alberta, for over ten years. Every moment we have the opportunity to become present, to go beyond mental habits of labeling and judging. Instead, we can learn to listen with empathy – to ourselves and others. We can bring resonant language to foster heart-to-heart connection. Experience the shift from stress and disconnection to harmony and peace – using the time-tested principles and practices of Nonviolent (or Compassionate) Communication (NVC),

Offerings, opportunities…

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1. Coaching for Transformation
Enjoy a complimentary coaching session with certified life coach Barbara Wiebe. Barbara’s approach blends practicality with spirituality. A coaching course with Barbara deepens the journey of self-discovery and healing, realizing new possibilities, how to meet life’s daily challenges with self-resonance, confidence and resilience. 

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2. Fun Family Dialogue
Make way for healing and harmony at home. Bring your partner, bring your children, bring your hopes and aspirations, and be supported in communication that works for everyone. The approach to building rapport, good will and skillfulness is based on Nonviolent Communication, NVC, facilitated by Barbara Wiebe.
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Family Dialogue

3. Conscious Communication Workshops
Host a communication workshop
for your friends, family, colleagues, community, together exploring how to use language to realize the heart’s desire for resonance, for harmony in our relationships. Empower the capacity for empathy, for authentic sharing, for healthy dialogue – with proven principles and practices that speak to our deepest needs for belonging, being seen, known and held with care… 

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Communication at the WorkplaceCommunication-Workplace


  • 6th Annual AB NVC Conference, Calgary, Sat-Sun, March 3rd & 4th, 2018      https://www.universe.com/abnvc2018
  • MINDFUL COMMUNICATION – May 12th, 2018
    Learn to look at the world through the eyes of compassion – with the time-tested approaches and skills. Don’t miss this 3-hour workshop at Yoga MCC in SW Calgary, integrate and fine-tune the art of deep listening and nourishing dialogue. Appropriate for all levels.
    Saturday, May 12, 1-4pm. Mindful Communication

  • NVC Coaching Intensive: 4 sessions to integrate the communication approach that heals, transforms and liberates. Call me, we’ll set it up!

 Barbara C. Wiebe, BEd, CPC


Barbara, is a Certified Life Coach and NVC Facilitator. Trained in the internationally-acclaimed process of NVC, Nonviolent (or Compassionate) Communication, with the founder Marshall B. Rosenberg, PhD, she has been offering communication workshops and life coaching in Alberta and BC since 2006. Barbara is passionate about bringing awareness and skillfulness into our relational life – opening the door to harmony, freedom and peace. Her approach is detailed in her booklet: Conscious Communication: Everyday Practices that Transform Ourselves, Our Relationships and the World We Live in.

Some of her main teachers over many years include Eckhart Tolle, Marshall Rosenberg, Byron Katie, and Michael Brown.

Barbara says: “The work I offer arises from my journey with spiritual teachers who regard our capacity to bring harmony into our relationships as central to a life of meaning and fulfillment. In learning key lessons about peace within and peace with all, I am grateful to my teachers, to Foster, my life partner of nearing 20 years, to my family and friends, students and clients. I enjoy facilitating interactive approaches that connect us with the simple truth of our inner life – rather than our judgments about it. In bringing awareness to the vitality within, we reclaim our humanity – and our intimacy with all life.”

“Barbara put me on the fast track to personal growth, urging me to seek my own personal truths and implementing those into my every day life.” Toni M, client

“The evening was brilliant for me – really brilliant in meeting my desire to learn, become aware, contribute, and to discern what’s important in the whole picture …awareness.”
– Janis K, participant in Keys to Clarity – NVC Practice Group

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